The revamped stage will have an updated larger layout to create more floor space for worship ministry and events. It will also prioritize handicap accessibility, including ramp access for equal stage access.



The lighting improvements involves a complete overhaul of our house lights, as well as enhanced stage lighting capabilities. We are replacing our old lights with new, energy-efficient fixtures that will provide brighter and more even lighting throughout the entire space.

video production


The production room in our church's balcony will serve as the hub for our video production and live-streaming teams, allowing us to reach beyond our walls with a high-quality video presence. By creating high-quality video content, we can reach a broader audience and invite them to participate in the activities and events that make our church a vital part of our community.



We are installing a new baptistry with a heater and filtration system. This modern upgrade ensures the water is at a comfortable temperature and kept clean and clear, providing a safe and inviting environment for those who wish to make a public declaration of their faith through baptism.



We have additional upgrades scheduled as a part of this project including an upgrade the carpet in the worship center, updated lobby spaces, and installation of a final accessibility lift near the lobby leading towards big city.



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